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Mussab Ali

It’s time to give students a voice, together we can give a voice to the forgotten stakeholders of education”


 Mussab Ali, a lifelong resident of Jersey City, announced his candidacy for Jersey City Board of Education today. Mussab is a product of Jersey City’s PS #23, PS#6, Academy 1 Middle School and McNair Academic High School, where he graduated in the top 10% of his class.

During the 2016 campaign for JCBOE, Mussab’s opponents spent over $1,000,000. Mussab spent less than $4,000 and still managed to garner 7,000 votes. Mussab’s campaign raised awareness for the student perspectives in education and effects of crime on education. For the current campaign, Mussab has created a robust fundraising operation that will raise over $50,000. This sophisticated campaign will reach more voters, get out the vote on election day and secure a victory in November.

Mussab was recently appointed to the Immigration Affairs Commission and elected as vice chair by his peers. He has consistently been involved in community service efforts within his schools assisting with toy drives, food drives and tutoring. Mussab is also the Secretary of the Hudson County Young Democrats. After excelling in the SAT, he chooses to spend his summer with 20 financially challenged youth leading a 10-week SAT class. Mussab is speaking out about the violence in our schools. He believes that every board members should work to benefit the students. No one will be able to do it better than a recent graduate of the public-school system.

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